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Problem Solving Made Easy

We offer a wide range of consulting services with the necessary tools and expertise to help maximize the effectiveness of your business or organization. We partner with our clients from start to finish, focusing on their needs while producing new ideas, developing effective strategies and designing high quality and scalable solutions. Contact us to learn more.


Advance Your Agenda

We will serve as a liaison, connecting you with elected and agency officials. Our team will develop a thorough knowledge of your issues, track movement in legislative and regulatory environments, and participate in regular strategy sessions. We'll assess proposed laws and regulations to determine their impact, and then provide insightful findings and opportunities.

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Another Weapon

Your agenda lives and dies by chamber rules. But take solace in the fact that everyone else’s does, too. At the very least you need to ensure that you are compliant, but ideally you are using the rules to your advantage. This can come in the form of points of order, tagging, amending germane vehicles, and so on. If you do not have an expert on your team, you're fighting in handcuffs. 


Get It Right

Behind every big idea there is a lawyer trying to figure out how to draft it. One mistake, one missed loophole, or one misused word can turn even the best ideas into years of litigation. Don’t let this happen to you—let us help you get it right the first time. While we specialize in drafting bills, amendments, budget ryders, and other legislative documents, we also assist with contracts, regulatory filings, and organizational bylaws.

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Administrative Law

Expert Guidance

Organizations tend to wait to implement an administrative strategy until it's too late. Don’t let 140 days of hard work go to waste because an agency misinterprets your new law. And don’t let opposing organizations advance their agenda through agency action. We will make your organization a part of the rulemaking process, monitor the Texas Register, and influence agency action through formal and informal channels.

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